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  • Question!


    Have you ever wondered how it would be if you put a human in a Pinball Machine?
    Easy answer, it's lots of fun.
  • Ragdoll F***** Physics

    Ragdoll F***** Physics

    I hate ragdoll physics, they're the worst ... (Has no one ever said).
  • Pinball it's always a fun time!

    Pinball it's always a fun time!

    It's like 3D Pinball for Windows XP but newer and instead of a ball there's a human.


PAINBALL | Official Teaser Trailer


Do you want to haver fun? Do you want a challange? Painball its the perfect mix between a challenging and a fun experience. By combining the fast paste action of pinball with ragdoll physics, we have created a game that challenges the player with diferent objectives and missions through all the levels. All this is conbined with a thought out power up system that helps you and adapts to your play style.

Play the levels, beat your high score, defeat the bosses and complete the objectives! Have fun with Painball!